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Are We at a Turning Point in Copyright History?

After the whole SOPA and PIPA event occurred last week and resulted in a retreat of the bill, I was hoping that the clear threats to online privacy and access to information due to laws were over. However, I’ve only heard more and more agitation in the news about the situation with such legislation being pushed along. ACTA is gaining high amounts of coverage for being mostly negotiated without democratic process and for having wording which will put pressure on internet service providers to filter content. Then I read several articles talking about SOPA-like legislation coming to Canada.I can understand the frustration of the music and movie industries with having trouble selling their products in a market which continues to sink in profit for them. However, pushing such harsh legislature isn’t the answer. I’m also highly upset that politicians in general seem to be supporting such legislation without thinking of who they are representing. I tend to not purely believe the idea that they have simply been bought off by the industry. However, even if the reason is simply older official being unfamiliar with the laws of their districts, such ignorance which could hurt the internet so deeply is inexcusable.

Basically, I am wondering what the results of this seeming turning point in copyright legislation will result in. Will we be able to protect the media we hold dear while maintaining our freedoms? Or will legislature end up destroying our rights and leaving copyright owners open for pain?