Finally Getting a Pair of TOMS

Several years ago, I first heard about the shoe phenomena known as TOMS. I was inspired by the idea of one-for-one giving at the time but being a broke high school student then subsequently a broke college student (coupled with the lack of a debit card) prevented me from my getting my desired shoes.

Now, I’ve finally gotten this pair of shoes I’ve wanted for a while, pictured below.


Ordering Boiled Egg Molds

So I haven’t been able to get the notion of creating a bento box out of my head lately. There’s something about the sheer amount of cute in having a lunchbox full of Japanese cuisine and little hotdog octopus smiling at me that’s overwhelming and delicious.

I just ordered my first set of boiled egg molds off of Amazon. They promise the ability to take a freshly boiled egg and create an egg shaped like a fish or a car from this. Below is a pic of what the final product should look like:

I’m not sure whether I believe this will work or not, but I’ll post pictures once I get the items next week.

The Stale Burger Monologue

Last year during Lent, some of my friends and I came up with the idea to write a piece every day. Here was one particularly odd writing of mine that ensued which I’ve decided to re-post.


I remember when I was freshly grilled, all the grease of my youth flowing. I didn’t worry then about whether I would find the embrace of a mouth, the warmth of hands against my soft buns. Life was hot, fast as I dripped with red, the color of vitality. And I was brightly arrayed then, more whimsical. Green frilled from my sides, begging for a breeze to uplift it and expose the softness lay below.

But time passes. Heating lamps change. Suddenly, you are no longer the freshest. There are others, newly minted, with a different sort of spice than you which you can’t compete with. The grease spots of age appear, your body becoming limp and… do I dare say the word they say about me now? I’ll force myself. You… you become… stale.

At first, I couldn’t bear the thought. How could it have happened to me, the hottest thing off the grill back in my day? But… I have come to accept my state at this point. I know I’ll be at the Home soon with piles of others around me, lying in the darkness un-thought of by others. But, I’ve heard… that there’s another life after this one. That you break down, become one with the earth again. That everyone gets there eventually, no matter what kind of life you lived, how many hands you left touch you, how many times you were flipped. I can only hope for the mercy of Cheese-us at this point.

Finally Setting Up the Blog

Having initially started my blog and set up my domain name about a month ago, I’m finally getting to edit and create my first post.

Creating the first post of a blog or website is always hard for me. Do I go off on a tangent about lofty goals for the blog that will likely remain unfulfilled when I get busy with school and work? Do I launch directly into a content post, like the ones that have been randomly floating past me in the past month as good topics to blog about? Or do I simply leave the site unpopulated as a I sway back and forth with indecision on how to start the site off on the right footing?

I’m going to avoid both of those path here and instead talk about the process of setting up this blog. When I’ve blogged heavily in the past (with the past being nearly 4 years ago when blogging was the new hot thing, just making its way onto the scene), Blogger served my needs rather well. With no experience with design at that point, I found Blogger to be a comfortable place quickly set up a theme and get moving with publishing content.

Moving forward and with the recommendations of a number of my friends, I’ve decided to give WordPress a try. I’ve set up my blog on at the moment just to try out the WordPress format. If I find myself blogging consistently, I’ll likely upgrade to a regular WordPress blog that will support considerably more functionality such as add-ons.

Choosing my theme for the blog, I ended up settling on the Coraline theme that provides. Overall, I like the clean aesthetic of the format. I populated the header with an image that I found while trawling through while on FreeWebPageHeaders. I specifically chose the image Fantasy Tree because of the whimsical tone and the fact that it has a stream which I think complements a blog with ‘stream’ in its name. Yes, quite clever, I know.

The blog is set up to my satisfaction at the moment, though tweaks will likely occur in the future.