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Working with Egg Molds

With a great degree of glee, I got my egg molds in the mail yesterday. The packaging was in Japanese , so I was happy to have gotten instructions from the seller on Amazon in English.

I decided that for lunch today I would use the molds for the first time. I was surprised by the results. After boiling a pair of large eggs, I peeled them while they were still hot. This was the hardest part of the process. However, my boyfriend and I determinedly push through this stage with our finger tips burning all the while, determined to have fish and car shaped eggs.

After we were done peeling, we shut the eggs into the molds and let them sit in cold water for around 10 minutes.

After 10 long minutes, I opened the egg molds and was surprised at the results. The eggs were actually formed like the shapes of the mold!

I proceeded to enjoy a delicious shaped egg lunch. ^^


Ordering Boiled Egg Molds

So I haven’t been able to get the notion of creating a bento box out of my head lately. There’s something about the sheer amount of cute in having a lunchbox full of Japanese cuisine and little hotdog octopus smiling at me that’s overwhelming and delicious.

I just ordered my first set of boiled egg molds off of Amazon. They promise the ability to take a freshly boiled egg and create an egg shaped like a fish or a car from this. Below is a pic of what the final product should look like:

I’m not sure whether I believe this will work or not, but I’ll post pictures once I get the items next week.