Chicken Udon Soup

In my continued effort to learn how to cook, I decided to make make a chicken udon soup tonight. The initial inspiration for this endeavor came to me while shopping at Whole Foods last night. I spotted dried udon in the international aisle and simply knew that I had to buy the noodles and make some form of dish out of them.

What to make initially confused me, but I eventually decided that chicken would be an appropriate addition to the soup. To add a bit more substance, I also got baby carrots and fresh parsley. I would have probably also bought mushrooms to add if I wasn’t suspicious that my boyfriend’s finicky palate would reject them.

With ingredients in hand, I was confused with what to do with them. The udon seemed easy enough with friendly instructions on the side of the package commanding me to boil the noodles for seven minutes for best results. How to cook the chicken in such a way to give it flavor and not dry it out before combining it with the rest of the ingredients was more confusing.

I ultimately decided to saute the chicken in olive oil. I then combined the chicken, noodles, carrots and parsley in a pot, cooking for slightly longer then serving.

Chicken Udon Soup

My end result

After taste testing my results, I was overall pleased. The main thing I would do differently in creating the dish in the future is adding more salt. Chicken alone did not prove as flavorful as I had hoped for the broth.


One response to “Chicken Udon Soup

  1. You might try some version of the following for the chicken next time. I like to use the recipe for things like chicken quesadillas, chicken salad, tacos, enchiladas, chicken packets and pretty much any other chicken dish that involves chopped chicken as the finished product. Play around with it if you like it to get the right seasoning ratios for your tastes. Good luck cooking!

    Cut chicken into cubes, maybe about 1″ or so for the side length. Chop onion, usually about 1/2-3/4c per 1.5lbs chicken, but more if you want more onion flavor. Put in large pan and add 3-4T of olive oil and water to almost cover chicken. Add 3-4T of a general chicken seasoning, I’ve been using McCormick Perfect Pinch recently. I end up adding more throughout cooking if I’m feeling adventurous. You can also add some garlic powder or chopped garlic if the seasoning isn’t garlicy enough for you. I cook the mixture at least an hour, and be sure to keep enough water to cover/almost cover the chicken. I like to cook it until the chicken pretty much goes to pieces, with help from squishing/chopping it with my spoon. Also, you can add more water and seasonings if you want more broth.

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